Ski Racing Camps About us

Zenit Ski Racing is devoted to ski racers of all ages and nationalities offering the highest quality in ski race training.

We provide top quality ski training making sure that our athletes enjoy, perform and develop while minimizing risks. This work ethic has made it possible for us to ski for many years with our athletes, seeing them grow as skiers, racers and persons.

Our training methods and expertise in technical and physical conditioning for alpine skiing are the result of many years of experience working with athletes at all levels, from the most basic to high performance.

Zenit’s coaching staff is formed by a group of experienced professionals that are always seeking the best training possible, regardless if it’s private training or a ski racing camp. In our team we gather experienced race coaches and advanced and dedicated ski instructors. This allows us to provide our athletes with very specialized tactical and technical trainings while deeply reinforcing their base technique.



David Prades

Head coach at Zenit ski racing. Snowsports instructor with the highest Swiss brevet. Fully certified Alpine Race Coach. Speaks French, English and Spanish. Has been working for 19 years as a race coach in Spain, France, Argentina, Andorra, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Alpine ski technician with many tools and resources to help skiers improve their technique.


Stefano Carlin

Coach at Zenit ski racing. Graduate in Adventure Tourism. Snowsports instructor with the highest Swiss brevet. Speaks French, English and Spanish. 13 years experience as a race and freestyle coach in Spain, France, Chile, Canada, Andorra and Switzerland. Maximizes racers technical development. Telemark instructor. Allround skier and passionate freerider.    

Raul coach at ski zenit racing camps

Raul LĂłpez

Coach at Zenit ski racing. Has been with Zenit Ski Racing since day one. Fully certified Alpine Ski Coach. Sea Captain high-grade licensed mariner. Speaks Spanish and is competent in English. Has been working for 25 years as a ski instructor and race coach in Spain, Andorra, Argentina and Switzerland. Vast experience as a ski

Jimena Carlin

Coach at Zenit ski racing. International active alpine ski racer for the last 5 years. Certified Swiss ski instructor. Studying Adventure Performance and Coaching in The West Highlands of Scotland. Fluent English, French and Spanish speaker. Has been working for the last 5 years as a ski instructor and ski coach. Really talented ski coach with

Sebastian Tschernuth

Coach at Zenit ski racing. International active alpine ski racer for the last 9 years. Certified Austrian ski instructor. Fluent German and English speaker. Good theoretical knowledge on alpine skiing technique. Skigymnasium Saalfelden and  Skihaupschule Windischgarsten graduate. Good at a great number of sports (football, tennis, volleyball…). Passionate allround skier.

Frederik Wikke

Sport coach and supervisor at Zenit ski racing. Studying Adventure performance and coaching in the Scottish Highlands. Fluent Danish and English speaker, competent in German. Worldwide mountain leadership experience with young groups. Avid climber, mountaineer and trail runner. Looking to grow and improve as a skier.

Lyndsay Meyer

Zenit ski racing dry land training head coach. Ski school instructor at Aspen, Colorado, focusing on technically advanced clients on piste and in terrain. Professional ski mountaineer racer and has raced on the United States Ski Mountaineering Team. Professional terrain skier with ten years of heli-skiing experience in BC, Canada, the Alps, Iceland and the

Juan MegĂ­as mental coach ski zenit racing

Juan MegĂ­as

Mental coach at Zenit ski racing. Graduate in Psychology with a sport psychologist Masters degree (UCM and UAM). Fully certified ski coach (AEPEDI). Has been ski coaching full time for 5 years. Has worked with the Visually Impaired Spanish National Federation (FEDC). Fluent English and Spanish speaker. Love teaching different mental techniques to help athletes reach their

Patrick Unterrader ski zenit racing coach

Patrick Unterrader

Coach at Zenit ski racing. Fully certified Austrian ski instructor. Austrian alpine race coach D-level. Certified Tyrolean snowboard instructor. Speaks German and English. International ski racer for 5 years. Skigymnasium Saalfelden graduate. Worked in Australia and Austria as an alpine race coach and a ski instructor. Passionate all-round skier.