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We’ve had a great first week on the Summer glacier in Saas-Fee. Snow conditions were amazing, and we didn’t do a single cue during the whole week!I had an incredible time with Scarlett and Bona. We trained on piste technique, adventured a bit off piste, started with our race training career and went to the Snowpark.Hope you like this short video I made. If you like piña coladas, and getting stuck in the rain you should love it! https://player.vimeo.com/video/176031728 For more information about

It’s been a really snowy week in Saas-Fee, the ski resort was closed two days this week, but we’ve been able to have great training regardless of the weather conditions! We trained some indoor climbing, agility exercises, hockey… there is no down days with Ski Zenit. Last night it snowed about 40cm in town, crazy snowfall

Summer glacier ski training in Europe.  For competitive skiers, Summer and Autumn ski race training is a crucial part of the season. With temperatures increasing all around, choosing the right glacier to train in is key. Saas-Fee is one of the highest and steepest lift accessed glaciers in The World. Open from mid July they


Avalancha en Saas-Fee

Ski training club Saas Fee Un año mas pudimos disfrutar del Club Avalancha entrenando con nosotros durante la temporada de verano. Son un grupo de chicos y chicas encantadores, y listos a sacar el máximo partido a su entrenamiento de verano para estar a tope durante la temporada con su club en España. Espero que os