saas-fee summer giant slalom training

Saas-Fee is the best place in Europe for Summer/Autumn ski training.

Our camps have become a classic in the World’s ski racing community. We have been fine tuning our coaching methods for over a decade, applying the latest technical concepts under the guidelines of our Technical Director David Prades.

The glacier of Saas-Fee is the best place in Europe for Summer and Autumn training due to it’s altitude and exposition. The pedestrian town allows a very healthy lifestyle and provides with everything needed for optimal condition training and activities on off days. These are the reasons why the best athletes in The World chose Saas-Fee for their pre-season preparation.

Arrival date to our camps is on Sunday afternoon and departure on friday after skiing with the option of staying extra nights. Athletes attending our camps can stay in our hotel with advantageous rates and meals included. Kids will have round the clock supervision. We can arrange other accommodations in a variety of hotels and apartments if preferred, and help you with the full organization of your trip including airport transfers.


Personalised training covering technical, physical, tactical and mental aspects.

Ski training in the morning, sports and other activities in the afternoon.

Demanding, stimulating and fun training sessions with maximum 7 athletes per coach.

English is the official language of the camp but other languages are also spoken.

Top quality slopes, installations and equipment.



  • 5 training days and ski pass from SFr.700 Request
  • 10 training days and ski pass from SFr.1310 Request
  • 15 training days and ski pass from SFr.1780 Request
  • *Prices without ski pass also available.


  • 5 nights, 5 training days and 5 days of ski pass from SFr.1150 Request
  • 12 nights, 10 training days and 10 days of ski pass from SFr.2390 Request
  • 19 nights, 15 training days and 15 days of ski pass from SFr.3490 Request
  • *Accommodation in other hotels and apartments also available.


16 July - 7 September
8 October - 2 November

Our training sessions are intense, varied and carefully designed to motivate each individual athlete. We are committed to helping our skiers reach their full potential. Ski Zenit coaches thoroughly prepare their daily work including race courses, timed runs, technical/tactical drills, free-skiing and base technique.

For competitive skiers starting at age 6.

Racers starting from age 10 will work on 2 ski racing disciplines (slalom and giant slalom).


23 July - 31 August
8 October - 2 November

We believe that motivation and self-confidence are vital in improving and achieving one’s goals. We have developed a training method that combines challenging conditions with fully personalised and progressive drills. Our mission is to help our adult athletes improve their ski level regardless of whether or not they are experienced ski racers.

Designed for adult skiers and ski instructors who want to improve their level of ski and performance on slalom and giant slalom courses. Ideal training for exams such as Eurotest, Test ISIA or Test Technique.

Saas-Fee Camps daily schedule

In Autumn the glacier opens 1 hour later, and the schedule is adapted.

Breakfast at 6:30
To the slopes 7:15
Ski 8:00 to 12:00 with a 15 minute break
Lunch 13:00
Video, equipment maintenance, physical and mental conditioning 15:15 to 19:15
Dinner 19:30
Bedtime 21:00



Saas-Fee is a pedestrian-only town where only certain electric vehicles are allowed. The atmosphere is very serene, clean, and the town is surrounded by an impressive landscape of forests, and glaciers with peaks reaching 4400 metres. It has all necessary services and a wide range of sports facilities. These safe and relaxed conditions make it an ideal place for children and adolescents.

  Saas Fee Summer Autumn



The Saas-Fee glacier where the camps are held is at an altitude of between 3200 and 3600 metres. It has three T-bars providing access to 3 free skiing runs, 5 gate training runs and a snowpark. In order to access the glacier in summertime, you must take two cable cars and an underground funicular train. The trip takes a total of 35 minutes. In a normal year, the vertical skiable area increases by 700 metres by the beginning of November adding many more skiing options.

Weather conditions can vary quite drastically even during the summer and we therefore recommend that you pack clothing for both warm and cold conditions.




Athletes participating in our training camps will be divided into training groups based on age and skill level with a maximum of 7 skiers per group. Groups may change during the course of the week in order to work on each athlete’s specific goals with a view to best individualising training.




All of our programmes for athletes include training in Saas-Fee's indoor skiing facilities. One weekly session per group is included in the training plan. Additional sessions may be included when the glacier ski area is closed due to inclement weather. This if very effective in reinforcing ski racing technique and a great way to work on specific technical goals.

Our camps also include private training where athletes can benefit from the indoor skiing treadmill facility available to us exclusively. This is a great way to perfect technical skills one or two afternoons per week (depending on each athlete's needs) and when the resort is closed due to bad weather.




We have a highly experienced sport psychologist on our coaching staff. He is very talented at getting athletes to focus on their personal goals, manage their emotions, nerves etc. Athletes tend to really enjoy these sessions which are very dynamic and adapted to the different age groups, focusing on games for our younger athletes.

This is a key part of our training philosophy which is facilitated by a professional sports psychologist. Sessions are fun, stimulating and teach our athletes how to focus, relax, establish goals and understand their emotions.




This year we have included yoga and meditation in our programme for athletes to help them relax their body and mind. It is an excellent way to relax, stretch and strengthen muscles after a long day of training. It also teaches them how to relax their mind and delve into their inner stillness and peace for full recovery.

Yoga is a great way for our athletes to work on physical conditioning, gain the agility that comes from deep stretching and is also highly recommended for muscle recovery. We have fully certified yoga instructors that adapt the difficulty and intensity of each session to the different skill levels and ages. Meditation is a great way to relax and focus on your inner-self and helps athletes to "get in the zone", that special place that enables competitors to ski to their top potential even in the most stressful situations.

Included among the many afternoon activities we offer our athletes, we have included Yoga and Meditation run by a fully accredited teacher. The combination of these two disciplines will help our athletes achieve a healthy body and a sound mind, not only during the ski camp but in all facets of their everyday lives.




All athletes taking part in our camps will take part in physical workouts throughout the week. These workouts will always be age appropriate and based on the condition of each athlete. They are designed to be challenging and demanding as well as fun and creative.

These post-ski workouts focus on recovery from the training sessions and protection against injury; their aim is also to improve strength, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility.

Saas-Fee is the ideal setting to engage in a wide range of sports and physical training.




Proper water intake is an important factor for all athletes. Athletes taking part in our camps must take even greater care because of the altitude of the glacier and the low relative humidity. For training on the slopes and post-ski workouts, athletes must carry at least one litre of liquid in their training backpack which must be consumed during the course of the training session.

Sun protection using high factor sun cream is also indispensable. You must also carry quick-energy salty snacks with you to glacier training (energy bars, nuts, fruit, and sandwiches). There is always a break during glacier training to eat snacks. Athletes staying in our hotel will be offered a variety of snacks to choose from at breakfast time every morning.

A well-balanced and abundant breakfast before training is also of vital importance and we will insist that all our athletes heed this recommendation.

While athletes are training with us, their diet should be varied, healthy and abundant and must include fruits and vegetables.

Our ski camps include instruction on healthy eating habits.



On days when the skiable area is closed to the public due to inclement weather or for technical reasons, Ski Zenit trainers organise alternative physical activities and/or technique training for participants.

Camps include 5 days of ski training per week (if weather permitted).



We offer triple, double and single occupancy rooms, all with a private bathroom. The hotel is a 4 minute walk from the town centre and 7 minute to the lift (cable car). The hotel has a restaurant, refreshment bar, living room, wellness area and a ski room. Rooms are cleaned and sheets and towels changed once a week. Each athlete is responsible for keeping his/her room tidy at all times. The beds have Nordic comforters so bed-making is fast and simple. Towels are included.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by the hotel staff. Any special dietary needs must be communicated to Ski Zenit in advance.

Collaboration among all participants and teamwork are requirements for successful co-existence in the Hotel.

  Saas Fee Summer Autumn



Children who are not accompanied by their parents will have round the clock supervision from our camp leaders. Our philosophy is to give children freedom in exchange for responsibility. Saas-Fee is an ideal location for that.

From September to November, afternoon study times will be set aside for school-aged racers.

Ski Zenit Hotel supervisors are available to receive phone calls every day between 7 pm and 9 pm.



  • Race-quality ski boots with appropriate size and flex. **
  • GS skis (appropriate length) with good edges and base. **
  • SL skis with good edges and base (starting U-14). *
  • GS ski poles. **
  • SL ski poles with slalom hand guards (starting U-14). *
  • Slalom shin guards (starting U-14). *
  • Helmet.
  • Slalom chin guard (starting U-14). *
  • Back protection.
  • Sun goggles.
  • Low light and fog goggles.
  • Ski gloves.
  • Training backpack with enough space for ski boots, jacket, goggles, helmet, water, snack.
  • Water bottle to take up to the slopes.
  • High-factor sun cream.
  • Ski repair material (Yellow and red wax, file, etc.). *

* Not necessary for participants in All-Round Camps

** For participants in All-Round Camps no need for racing models. Good-quality equipment needed.

Saas Fee Summer Autumn

Ski Zenit can provide athletes with racing skis and boots (Fischer brand) at a special price. Equipment must be ordered and paid for at least 3 weeks in advance. We can assist you in choosing the most appropriate length, size and model. Athletes who have made purchases will pick up their new equipment at the local Intersport Glacier shop upon arrival. There they can also find ski poles, helmets, goggles and slalom guards with a 10% discount. They also do professional boot fitting.

For our youngest racers we have several pairs of racing skis for rent in different sizes. Limited stock is available so make sure you reserve well in advance.



  • Racing suit (not mandatory).
  • Training shorts (not mandatory).
  • Training fleece (not mandatory).
  • Ski pants.
  • Ski jacket.
  • Windbreaker.
  • Thermal base layers.
  • Ski socks.
  • Neck warmer.
  • Underwear.
  • Tee-shirts for condition training.
  • Sport pants and sweater.
  • Street clothes.
  • Sport shoes (trail-running type).
  • Soap and shampoo.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Suitcase with wheels (pedestrian town).



All athletes participating in the Camp must have current ski accident insurance valid in Switzerland covering at least civil liability, rescue on the slopes including helicopter, medical treatment and repatriation. We recommend insurance which also reimburses you for services unused due to injury (ski pass, training, lodging, etc.). Participants’ insurance cards should be given to Ski Zenit leaders upon arrival or a copy can be sent ahead of time.

Switzerland has agreements with EU Member States for medical assistance at public hospitals. In order to take advantage of such agreements, you must have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You need to apply for this card well in advance at your local medical centre.



Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Area meaning that travellers from EU countries which are party to that treaty may enter the country with their identity card. However, minors must always travel with a passport. Travellers from other countries must check the conditions for entry into Switzerland before embarking on their trip.



Ski Zenit offers its athletes and their chaperones a transfer service in comfortable mini-buses from/to the Geneva, Z√ľrich, Basel or Milano airports. Transfer by motorway takes about three hours.

These transfers are organized through a local company with professional drivers. All airport transfer drivers are able to check-in all young athletes traveling alone.



Convenient train service is available from the Zurich, Geneva and Basel airports to the town of Visp taking about 2 hours and 45 minutes. From the Visp train station you must take a bus to Saas-Fee (one bus per hour) which takes about 45 minutes. You can purchase both legs of the trip on a single ticket.

The trip from the Milano Malpensa airport takes about the same amount of time. From the airport, you need to take a bus to the Domodossola train station (bookings through There you take the train to Visp. Depending on which train you take, sometimes you may need to change trains in Brig.

From the Visp train station you take a direct bus or taxi to Saas-Fee (40 mins).

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