Saas-Fee teen age Summer ski racing

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Children Summer ski camps

During the Summer we have kids of all levels and ages in our Children Summer Ski Camps.
This is a short video of one of the many groups of teenagers we’ve had race training with us throughout the Summer. The Saas-Fee glacier has top ski race training conditions throughout the whole Summer and Fall season, so if you want to become a better racer, you know where to find us!

Regardless of your goals, you will find a perfect environment for learning with Ski Zenit. In this short movie you can see skiers that are starting with FIS racing, others that are looking to improve their ski technique and are new in racing, and others that are aspiring to participate in the Junior Olympics.

Hope you like it.

For more information about our Development, Performance or Elite ski camps in Saas-Fee and Zinal send us an email at [email protected] or click Here!

All the best.