Swedish race training in Saas-Fee

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We had an incredible time skiing and race training for the first time with Edwin and Stella in the Saas-Fee summer glacier, in the Swiss Alps.

Throughout the week they improved a lot, always having a great time on their skis. The early morning and the ski carrying to the glacier was a bit hard at the beginning, but they toughened up and became independent racers, exactly what we are looking for in our ski racing camps and private race training.

Here is a short video of Edwin training in the stubbies, jumping in the half pipe, sliding the boxes, doing some dry land training, hiking… just having a great time.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do!

For more information about our ski racing camps, private race training and many more options (in Saas-Fee and all over the Alps and the World), send us an email at [email protected]

Have a great day and thanks for watching!